Half-Life Connection?

Is there a connection between Gordon Freeman (GF), author of Canada’s Stonehenge and Gordon Freeman, the main character of the computer game Half-Life, developed by Valve Software?

In fact, there are some curious similarities. They wear similar large, dark-framed glasses and have similar body builds. Forty years ago, GF, the author looked quite a lot like the game hero. Both GFs have a brother named John. And, although the game hero is said to have been created in homage to the theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson, the game doesn’t use the details of Dyson’s place of work. It is GF, the author, who was a nuclear scientist working in an underground radiation lab – in Washington State.

Whether these are all coincidences or author Gordon Freeman was an intentional or unintentional inspiration for the game, the similarities delight GF and his family and friends.

5 thoughts on “Half-Life Connection?

  1. Hello Geoff,
    I will look for a British publisher for CANADA’S STONEHENGE next year. So far we only have distribution rights in Canada and the US.
    Best wishes,

  2. Hello Dr Freeman,

    I’m the director of the New Brunswick Botanical Garden.

    We are currently considering to build a stone circle at our garden.

    It is a very special project. I would be very interested to discuss that project with you.

    In fact we want to connect our stone circle to other stone circles in the world.

    We are very interested to connect our site with the circle you discovered.

    When you read this message please e-mail me so I can elaborate more …

    As you probably notice I’m french speaking, so please forgive me if I make errors while writing in english.

    Hope to ear from you soon.



  3. Hello Jean,
    I answered you by email, but that wasn’t acknowledged in this site. I hope the plans for the ring of stones in your Botanical Garden are going well.

  4. I’m a fellow Canadian, long living in WA & OR, with an admittedly conspiratorial mind. My first reaction upon discovering there was a half life character seemingly based on you, was to doubt your real existance, let alone your credentials, from the News Source which lead me look into CANADAS STONEHENGE. For a second, I feared I might have been had and could imagine the reaction others might have to my sharing the news about archeoastronomical predictions you’ve gleaned, when they learn your name. I think there are deliberate distractions and dead ends set up in the current society to keep the majority of humanity unaware of the real astronomical warnings available. One of the surest ways to debunk serious ideas is to conflagrate them with entertainment disinfo. I wonder how many casual google searchs of your name are stopped after finding the page full of Half Life gaming results?

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