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Gordon Freeman, Chemistry Faculty
Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman was born in 1930 in Hoffer, Saskatchewan and was introduced to Stone Age artefacts at the age of six. His father collected stone projectile points and stone tools from the Saskatchewan prairie after the dry winds had blown away tilled soil.

He obtained an M.A. from the University of Saskatchewan, a Ph.D. from McGill, and a D.Phil. from Oxford. He is a Chemical Physicist, was for ten years Chairman of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Alberta, and for thirty years Director of the Radiation Research Centre there. He is now a Professor Emeritus. For forty years he has pioneered interdisciplinary studies in chemistry, physics, and human societies. Interdisciplinarity is now the standard approach to understanding in the sciences and humanities. He has more than 450 publications in chemistry, physics, and other subjects.

As a hobby he visited many archaeological sites in Canada, the United States, Britain, Ireland, Europe, and Asia. In 1980 he discovered a 5000-year-old Sun Temple in southern Alberta, and has studied it ever since. In 1989 he took observation techniques he had developed in Alberta to England, to resolve the controversy that surrounded a possible calendar in Stonehenge. The astonishingly beautiful, ancient calendars in southern Alberta and Stonehenge are displayed for the first time in recent centuries, with far ranging implications for international prehistory and history.

More information can be found at http://ualberta.ca/~gfreeman/

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  1. When my newspaper said “an scientist Gordon Freeman found Canada’s stone henge” (with that spelling and grammer)… I thought it was a joke til now

  2. Hi Gordon: I presume you now have my email. Drop me a line.

    While I am here, I might as well say that I appreciate the work you have done and are doing, and I congratulate you on the book.

    I have always been surprised the medicine wheels have not received more attention. They are by far the oldest man-made structures in Canada. And, they are just fascinating, mysterious, and, in some ways, spiritual.

    However, as you know, I am skeptical of proposed explanations.

    Best, Bob.

  3. Gordon:

    I am a proffessional aerial photographer interested in photographing the medicine wheels – and would be happy to forward you any images I might get. Are you able to give me GPS coordinates (latitude/longtitude)to help me find the site?


    Ron Garnett

  4. We’ve had many requests for coordinates for the longtitude and latitude of Canada’s Stonehenge. The results in Google Earth are disappointing as there is not enough colour contrast and the site is quite small. If you are really serious about the site and wanting to visit, please buy the book and consider carefully. The site needs to be preserved and treated with utmost respect.
    To purchase a copy, see http://www.fitzhenry.ca/detail.aspx?ID=10210

  5. Congratulations from Archeologist

    Congratulations for your important and valuable discovery. I am myself a discoverer of one of the most important megalithic sacred site in the Matawini region in Quebec. This site has many megalitic artefax, but the most outstanding are a stonehenge like circle of multi tons rocks on the summit of the mountain! There is also a megalithic giant arrow heads alignement at the base of the mountain, all oriented and in line with the compas coordinates, and in progressive order of size from the smallest progressing in seven stones towards the largest which weight many tons.

    But unlike you, I know since a long time that all our key institutions in science like elsewhere in our societies, are all highly manipulated and systematically censored by the elite institutional mafia of the Illuminaty.

    I refuse to let any of these pretend pseudo scientific archeologist morons put even a toe on the ground of this sacred site.

    You and I and millions of people around the world who knows just how much our institutions are engineered by back stage manipulation are the real archeologist with a real serious and authentic approach.

    Just go check another case of scientific censorship by official bullshit/archeolgy with the major pyramid discoveries in Visiko in Bosnia.


    What you have discovered is not only a very major astronomical calendar, but also a great sacred site. You fell it very well indeed, as I do for the Matawini sacred site.
    I would suggest that you organize some sacred ceremonies there with chamans and spiritual people who will be honored to celebrate with you this blessed discovery and honor this sacred site as it greatly deserve.

    I invite you to visit the sacred site of Matawini at:


    May the Great Spirit sun shine in our hearts

  6. Man, and I thought there’s a new Half-Life game.

    Great discovery! Bookmarked as a reference for my writing endeavors.

  7. Gordon, as I was listening to you speak on cbc radio today, i instantly knew what you were talking about, that is because, i have felt it, i have been there, in person. I have stood on the sacred ground you talk about. There is definately something about the area… It started for me, 4 years ago, when I was rebuilding the transmission powerlines in the area. Since then, I have returned to the site, just to hike with my fiance and my pup.
    There was a man, one day, that landed in a field, with his small plane, and asked us what we were doing? I had explained to him that i had previously worked on the powerlines nearby, and was deeply intrigued by the landscape, and the area.He gave me his permission to stay, because he felt I was a good person, and not there to vandalize or cause harm. Anywayz. I am deeply moved by your progress with the area, I hope that it becomes protected because it is Sacred!
    I Wish to help you with anything concerning your arguement on this subject. Whether it be spending time on the site,, carrying equipment for you, just listening to your theory, examining, etc… I am very interested in this type of history, as I feel it is relevent to our existence.

  8. I would like to know what the protocols are for visiting the site. My husband and I do not want to simply show up and start wandering around. What permissions are required and courtesies are preferred?

    Also, I was wondering if Gordon has seen a book entitled “Stonehendge Decoded”, but Gerald S. hawkins. The book may offer additional geometric calculation to apply to the site. The body of the work was compiled by an astronomer and provides some basis for the source of the Aubrey holes.

  9. Please see my reply to Starhunter. Protection of the site against unintentional damage by visitors is my top priority now. I hope you understand the importance of not disturbing the stones, the patterns of which I’m slowly learning to read.
    Hawkins’ Stonehenge Decoded is referred to in Canada’s Stonehenge. Hawkins had some good ideas, but he relied on maps instead of making direct observations on site. So all of the Sun and Moon rise and set observation lines that he suggested are wrong.

  10. I stumbled on your book while at Chapters book store today. I was looking for a replacement copy of ‘Uriels Machine’ by Robert Lomas when I found your book.

    This is GREAT!! I always felt the praries to be a sacred place.

    Alot of the books I have been reading recently are about things like sacred geometry, cosmology, pyramids around the globe and stone circles that have been found on various continents. a good portion of these books are either written by or reference John Michell. I am assuming you are familiar with him and was wondering what you thought about his work(s).

    Do you have any reading/ research recommendations for a novice in this field?

    I truely hope the are around “Canadas Stonehenge” gets preserved. Good luck with your quest. I wish I could help.

  11. Sorry, I can’t seem to find the “Starhunter” post. I, too, am not interested in seeing our ancient heritage destroyed, which is why I would like to know what procedures one should observe. I have studied history in both hemispheres for a number of years and the antiquity of Stonehenge and its sister sites utterly capitvates me. I know that those that proceeded us knew more than we are often willing to give them credit for. I would be willing to wait until you were back in the area to insure that the appropriate restrictions were observed. I want to observe, not touch or take.

  12. P. S. – I certainly shall purchase the book. I will consider it a wonderful addition to my existing library.

  13. is this site the Majorville site? if so, isnt it a bit fallacious to state that the author discovered it twenty years ago? forbis and calder first referenced the site in 1973 and the kehoes dealt with it in 1976, more than THIRTY years ago. anyhow. ill definitely be looking for this book, as i’ve also done a fair bit of research on the medicine wheels in relation to researching my own peigan roots, and i’ll keep an open mind about everything until then, but i think you should specify that he may have come across the site for the first time in 1980, he did not DISCOVER the site.

  14. Gordon Freeman replies, “Calder and Forbis, and everyone else who studied the Majorville site before me, thought that the only stones that had been moved by man were in the medicine wheel itself. They thought the wheel was ceremonial in purpose, but they did not recognize that it is only part of the centrepiece in a vast Sun Temple. They did not notice the 30,000 times larger set of patterns of stones around it. The geoglyphs are distributed over more than 30 square kilometres of the Sun Temple zone.”

  15. A newspaper article led me to this fantastic book. I could hardly wait to read it, realizing that someone else was studying a similar formation as I was. I love the book and would surely welcome any tips you may have on researching a similar site(s). I have observed the summer solstice sunset near Avonlea, and I believe the largest ceremonial circle of its kind might actually be attached to two others in the area – by the sun. I’d love to discuss things with you.

  16. Hello Gordon – I am Carol Heywood-Babrauskas, conference co-ordinator for the Canadian Society of Questers http://www.questers.ca You have been suggested as a presenter at our Spring conference to take place May 14-16, 2010 at Olds College near Calgary, Alberta. If you have interest and availability, please let me know and I will respond with details.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    In Peace, Love and Gratitude, Carol

  17. Yesterday, I started reading Canada’s Stonehenge! Very interesting. Glad to have found it.

    Just wondering if you’ve come across The Lost Science of Measuring the Earth by Robin Heath and John Michell.

    It discusses units of measurement used to measure the Earth, and construct Stonehenge… and that these units of measurement are found in different places in the world…

  18. lyn and gordon, that wasnt my point. the story makes it sound as though gordon discovered the majorville site, and that isnt very accurate. david vogt also mentions the buffalo rubbing stones in the vicinity, and the presence of glacial erratics in the area. im happy that gordon has taken an interest in these sites, as they are too understudied in my opinion, ive been researching the sites in alberta and saskatchewan (and the few in manitoba) for many years, and it is difficult to find information on.

    the majorville site has been known to be an astronomical site for many years, ray williamson wrote extensively on these sites in “living the sky” (1984)although he concentrated on big horn in wyoming, which is of much more recent origin, but touched on both majorville and moose mountain, and the alignments there.

    still and all, kudos for doing work to preserve these misunderstod sites, and i wish you the best of luck.

  19. Hello Carol. I’ll be happy to give a talk at the Questers Conference next May.

    Hello in the mountains. I haven’t seen the Heath & Michell book, but will look for it.

    Abvhiael, perhaps you are referring to a news story, over which I have no control. The book gives credit to previous work in the area. I discovered the calendar, not the “medicine wheel.” I think this web site is unambiguous on the matter of discovery. You can find Canada’s Stonehenge in most book stores if you wish to learn more. David Vogt was never at the Majorville site. You should recheck Williamson on Majorville.

    Best wishes to all.

  20. Gordon, I am halfway through your book and thought I’d drop you a line. Maybe you’d be amused by a trip I took a few years ago with my daughter. We were looking for the “Majorville medicine wheel” and didn’t find it. Grant A. dropped down out of the sky to see who we were and said he could take us over one at a time but we weren’t comfortable with that. Our story about that is here: http://www.dawnann.com/medwheel.htm

    I have been interested in sacred sites for many years and have some Native heritage. When passing through Wyoming one time I tried to get to visit the Big Horn medicine wheel but even in late April the road was closed and the drifts were still higher than a man.

    I *was* successful in visiting “America’s Stonehenge,” though. Have you been? It’s an amazing wheel that covers acres, with forest grown up all around it now. It’s over in the Salem, MA area. There is a sacrificial slab there, which I thought was interesting. I have some photos if you’re interested.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I’m a fan!

  21. Dear Dr. Freeman,

    Your book is fascinating, thank-you for your tireless research. After reading your book, I was very intrigued with last week’s crop circle which appeared adjacent to Stonehenge. There is clearly an axis of the glyph with a dot that seems to draw attention to this axis. I’m curious if there is any significance to this line and the Stonehenge calendar. None of the analyses of the formation seem to take the Stonehenge formation into account, so I thought perhaps some KNP was in order.



    Best wishes,


  22. Hi George, this might sound weird but I’ve recently started my spiritual development and last week i felt as if my guides were holding me up above the earth and pointing out the Egyptian pyramids (with a ray of sunlight crossing through one and into another next to it), then they seemed to point towards Stongehenge (Uk), then towards the Mayan area, showing a Mayan temple with sunlight striking it and then it seemed to point in an area to the North of the Mayan area, but i had no vision of what was there. I felt as if all these sites, if joined together by lines, would form a square. When i looked at an Atlas,I saw that the first 3 sites made up 3 sides of what could be a rhombus, but i was sure i was meant to find the fourth corner -so i googled and found your site and hey presto, your Stonehenge forms the corner of a rhombus with the other sites! Do you have any ideas about why i’d be shown this?? I know you noted the two stonehenges r on same latitude and the Mayan and Egyptian ones are pretty much on same latitudes. Hope u can help throw some light! I’m in the uk by the way. Derinda

  23. Sorry, I meant Trapezium not Rhombus! Had to look it up – not a mathematician/scientific type! Also, looked on website and found the the pyramids i think i saw are the two largest at Giza (will do more reasearch about how sun would hit them, later) and the Mayan temple i believe i saw is the one at Chichen …sorry in hurry, but hope this is enough info and hope it might be of interest to you/anyone who visits here. I wonder if other ancient sites could possibly be linked to form geometric shapes? I know some others have studied sites which link by falling on same lines on longitude. I felt a bit of a shiver when i saw all the points link up to form that shape – it reminds me of the Mayan temple shape and it’s just plain freaky! Hope someone else agrees!

  24. I’m just a regular guy that works in the Bassano/Brooks Area. I was also wondering what the protocols are for visiting the site.

  25. The first comprehensive Sun calendar in the history of mankind, sixteen months a year, months of four weeks and weeks of five days, 365 days a year is demonstrated by the well-known Stonehenge situated in Wiltshire, southern England. One hundred and sixty megaliths were employed to tally the calendar, eighty large sarsen monoliths and eighty smaller bluestones. Every stone at Stonehenge is accounted for, none lost, none missing. Expert archaeologists have determined the construction date of the ancient monument at about 2300 BC. Stonehenge is also a Moon calendar of twelve months, six weeks a month, five days a week, 354 nights a year.
    Ireland, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, France and Germany exhibit elements of ancient beliefs and the ancient Sun calendar. A full account of this introductory material is contained within “Stonehenge Sacred Symbolism” 320 pages, 125,000 words. ISBN 9780957828254 ed 2010.
    View http://www.bookstore.bookpod.com.au
    Any queries can be directed to enjaytom@hotkey.net.au for a prompt reply. Kindly quote ‘StoGram’

  26. Have a look at my Stonehenge Sacred Symbolism book on the website, Stonehenge was first begun in 3100 BC as a Moon calendar. But long before that the Knowth passage mound in County Meath Ireland 3500 BC showed a Sun calendar of sixteen months a year, four weeks a month and five day weeks 365 days a year. Stonehenge 2300 BC is the continuation of the same calendar, Today we still note the four solstice and equinox days plus four events Llew, Samain, Imbolc, Mayday.
    Enquiries and comments welcome.

  27. Hello.

    I am interested in visiting the site you wrote about in Canada’s Stonehenge. A colleague and I are in the midst of a musical project which explores the history and sacred sites of Alberta. This sun temple has greatly intrigued us. I hear that it is a bit tricky to get to the site, and also permission from nearby ranchers may be needed before venturing out. I was wondering if you could supply me with any directions or tips, or place me in contact with anyone who could help in this regard.

    I thank you for your time.


    Ian MacLean

    p.s. Great read

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