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  1. How very interesting! I wonder how many sites like this have been destroyed by agriculture… I can’t wait to go and vist the Majorville site.(My husband’s grandparents lived at Majorville, the town, when it existed.)
    I have found a large, 500lb, rock near the Willow Creek area, near Stavely, that I think could be some kind of marker stone. It was not in it’s original location when I found it, but am sure it was moved out of some local farmers field with a bunch of other large rocks. I have been trying to find out about this rock, but have had trouble finding someone who may be able to identify it. It is dome shaped sandstone(flat on the bottom)and carved with thick grooves down the sides all the way around. In the sunlight, especially early or late in the day it stands out like a sore thumb. Would you be interested in having a look at it? I can send you some photos.
    Looking forward to reading your book!

  2. Hi Daryl,
    Thanks for your comment, and info about the rock you found.
    When you read the book you might find that your grandparents-in-law might have farmed near the Majorville GeneralStore-PostOffice.
    Will you please send me photos of the rock you found? We’re at my wife’s old family cottage in a small village near Ottawa until 13 Aug. Please send them as email attachments if you can. Otherwise please mail them to
    Gordon Freeman
    Fitzroy Harbour
    K0A 1X0

    We’ll be happy to come to see the rock toward the end of Aug.
    I check email when we go shopping in a town nearby, about once per week. Today is also laundry day.

  3. Gordon,
    I am an astronomy teacher and amateur astronomy that for years have wondered if archaeoastronomers were taking into consideration the changing equinox date with the latitude. I am sooooooo impressed that you found this out through real practical application! haha!
    I’m going to order your book right now!


  4. Hi Ivy, I haven’t seen a previous reference to the change of equinox date with latitude. Would you give me a reference?

    UMF, are you referring to accurate calendar sites in South America that are older than Stonehenge? Where?

  5. Hi there. Apparently you were prof to my mom’s neighbour (Dr. Pam C.) She told me about your book…. and I told her about my friend’s find of an aboriginal dream bed near Seven Persons….

    We share alot in common. I spent time in Ireland at the Beaghmore Circles this summer…. and I work for First Nations currently… Lots to tell…

  6. Hello Shirley,
    I should check this site more often.
    My wife and I were near Seven Persons last Spring.
    Please tell me your lots. If you are outside Edmonton, send an email.

  7. hello sir. this circle of yours… and stonehenge are representations of the milky way galaxy.

    it is my observance that the ones who laid those rocks into your alberta circle formation were patterning them after their view of the milky way from the earth.

    hold tight and prepare to make a great leap…

    our earth is a part of the sagittarius dwarf elliptical galaxy (Sag DEG)… sir, look up sag deg for your own good.

    so, having looked it up, you can see that it is a very large galaxy encircling the milky way. we are in it. our earth is traveling in it.

    our location is at the junction of Sag DEG and the milky way, but this has not always been our position.

    at one time, before the last unicorn disappeared, (the unicorns were seen in the milky way. only one was seen as we approached the galactic plane of the milky way, and now we see no unicorns)

    the people on the earth could see the milky way as a circle in the sky at night. there is another in norway. it is again your circle, but it is in norway.

    have a nice time looking into this… please feel the urge to email me with lengthy questions. i am a giving one. i’ll give you all i have.

    i am currently looking at the circles surrounding the stonehenge circle as being the ancient plotting of the galaxies and their locations at the time from a map of old.

    i am taking into account a possible flipping of the milky way since the last mapping.

    i lined up the inner circles with existing galaxy locations, and they do not line up after a certain points outward from stonehenge.
    also, there has been a swirling of the milky way since the stonehenge mapping..\\

    what i have mapped so far shows that there is a difference of 33 degrees change between the last plotted location of our earth and the draco galaxy…

    that is… there has been a swirl of the mw galaxy since the time of making the last map and the now. the difference shows that draco, which is further out on the spiral than we, has moved 33 degrees further around the milkyway-core than we have.

    i’ll give you this map and also will tell you as soon as i can about a gigantic monument i have found. it is a monument of hel, the norse goddes. the norse goddes hel is the representation of the large magellanic cloud, a sattelite galaxy to the milky way.

    about the monument… it is close to nortern alberta my friend.

    thing about this monument is, i would like to go and get pictures of it first before i tell of it… this thing is mine… it belongs to me in the same way that the milky way depiction belongs to you.

    find the picture of the circle in norway and compare them.

    i will certainly be emailing you if you want me to… majicdragon@mac.com

    we should talk. my name is andy.

  8. Hi Gordon,
    I grew up on a farm near Rolling Hills Alberta near Vauxhall/Taber/Brooks and remember riding in the tractor as my Grandfather opened three large circular fields on the banks of the bow river the largest of the three being 400 acres. Just beyond these fields I have always been aware of several circles formed by rocks along the high banks. I recently was back (from Vancouver where I have been pursuing a career as a starving artist) and took GPS readings and photographs for an art project that I have been thinking of dealing with these circles. Anyway, I was directed to your studies by a friend in Calgary and am interested in learning more and purchasing a book. There are various “teepee circles” out there as well as some weird ones (a blue rock poking out of the earth that is square as though it has been carefully tooled) near what I have always maintained was a grave site where there is a mound and a smaller circle of rocks within a larger circle. Before I get even more carried away… I look forward to reading your book!
    I would be more than happy to supply you with the locations of these circles and to speak with you sometime in the future.
    Justin Patterson

  9. I was in High River and stumbled across your book. I found it fascinating! I am kicking myself for not buying it right there, but will try to find it here in Calgary ASAP. I grew up on a farm and used to follow the tractors tilling the soil, finding arrowheads, spearheads, scrapers, shell buttons, etc. The North American Indians were very skilled crsftsmen and they were very capable of all you describe.

    Thanks for your insight and efforts.


  10. Could anyone share the locations of those circles?
    I’m starting to realise that this is some sort of government secret now.

  11. Trevor, the book is available in many book stores.
    Andrew, the location is given in the book.
    Thank you both for your interest.

  12. Mr. Freeman,
    I stumbled upon this site quite by accident while “googling” Saskatchewan Freemans. I am retired here in NB where I have spent all of my adult life but I was born in Moose Jaw. My G-GF, Tom Freeman, homesteaded in the Moose Jaw area at Archive about 1905 and I was looking for Freeman relatives. However, I have spent most of this afternoon watching your Canadian Stonehenge slideshow and looking up related information. I’m sure you get many positive responses from learned people in your field but as someone with no background in the subject, may I express my appreciation for your work and thank you for sharing it. It has been a facinating afternoon and your book is on order.

  13. Hello Jo-Anne, Thank you for the kind remarks. I lived in Moose Jaw when I was 13, and was a paper boy for the Moose Jaw Herald. Was Tom Freeman a descendant of Samuel Freeman who went to Massachusetts Bay from Black Friars in 1630? Gordon

  14. Mr. Freeman,
    This is fascinating information you have gleaned from the earth.
    It is often hard to talk to scientists OR laypeople about the implications of patterns in natural phenomena: scientists are reticent to follow the thread if no other scientist has, and laypeople can get carried away with semi-scientific conceptualizations of the meaning. It must have been an exciting journey of discoveries for you! I hold a doctorate in cognitive sciences and the part where you mentioned pattern recognition caught my ear.
    In the physical sciences human pattern recognition skill is not given due value.
    We ‘couldn’t’ have the ability to scan such large areas, or we ‘couldn’t’ have the ability to see patterns of interaction that are not picked up in a this-a-ma-bob or that-a-ma-bob analysis. BUT- while an aerial image or a sonar image will define many parameters within a system our minds can aggregate/contrast/complement more than one mode of physical phenomena to the point of seeing the pattern created by interactions of the elements ( natural or otherwise ). Computing systems can not make this quantum leap to ‘seeing’ how one system [eg: pattern of dunes] and another [eg: wind/rain patterns] may imply a third system, such as human interference.
    I’m writing this as this is an amazing time. We are just now working on computing systems that may eventually have the power to notice meta-patterns and follow to conclusions- the human mind is mighty in this.
    We must still rely upon people, like you, scientists or otherwise, to gather information about our world for us as we do not yet have the equipment or, arguably, the methods, to see INTO things and find something great as you did.

    Drew Evans, PhD, BSc (Biology)

  15. Thank you for your kind words Drew. I think minds have much greater capabilities than computers will ever be able to match. Science performed at the highest levels is an art. Intuition makes great contributions to both art and high-level science. Most science is done at the level of technicians, which is valuable in solving defined problems, but does not produce great discoveries.

  16. Sounds like a very interesting book, i hope to get a copy soon.
    I have visited Big Horn Medicine wheel and it is very impressive. My guess is that the medicine wheel was used for predicting seasons and more specifically animal migrations. The Big Horn valley would have been a major migration and wintering corridor for large mammals such as Bison and Mammoths avoiding deep snow in an Ice age environment. As an interesting side note, the Big Horn medicine wheel was originally discovered with a very large mountain sheep skull in the center further supporting this idea. We also know that a Clovis point Hunting Culture was actively killing Mammoths and Bison in the area around 10,000 years ago and they may well have constructed a pro medicine wheel at the original location that was later added to my later cultures.

  17. Hi Gordon
    I just returned home from visiting Dry Island Buffalo Jump Prov. Park, the Viking Ribstone site and the Royal Alberta Museum (Iron Creek Meteorite). Also this spring I found the Majorville, Suitor and Carmingay medicine wheels and sun dial, many tepee sites, a stone effigy, a eagle eye, the Sunnynook ribsotne site, etc etc….I also visited Writing On Stone, Kennedy Coulee,Dinosaur Prov. Park, Waterton and Glacier National Parks.I love to hike and camp. I heard that you went to Ottawa to make a casting of the Sunnynook ribstone and brought it back and placed it at the original site for photos. I met the land steward of that site and she is not interested in replacing the ribstone, as it would cause more traffic to that site….. I am very interested in all the native sites and would like to see our government replace what was stolen from the land, as respect to the native people. If only a cast model of the Iron Creek Meteorite, and the same of the ribstones, gliff stones etc. Have you already tried this? Could it be done? Would you share your map of Jim G McGregor with me? When I was last at the Majorville MW, Grant A flew over and brought me a copy of your book. I grew up at Gem and went to High School in Bassano and have been best freinds with the A family. I am planning a trip next spring to visit more sites in SE AB and in southern SK. The book Stone By Stone and In Search of Ancient Alberta are very good, but if you have more books, papers or web sites that you can share with me I would very grateful. Cheers Wendy

  18. gordon my husband and i have been trying to find it as we live in vulcan and have had no luck in finding the majorville medicind wheeel do you have less obscure directions so we may go and see this wonderful find …we are going to get your book right away. if you could help us to get to the circle that would be great thank you very much

  19. The first comprehensive Sun calendar in the history of mankind, sixteen months a year, months of four weeks and weeks of five days, 365 days a year is demonstrated by the well-known Stonehenge situated in Wiltshire, southern England. One hundred and sixty megaliths were employed to tally the calendar, eighty large sarsen monoliths and eighty smaller bluestones. Every stone at Stonehenge is accounted for, none lost, none missing. Expert archaeologists have determined the construction date of the ancient monument at about 2300 BC. Stonehenge is also a Moon calendar of twelve months, six weeks a month, five days a week, 354 nights a year.
    Ireland, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, France and Germany exhibit elements of ancient beliefs and the ancient Sun calendar. A full account of this introductory material is contained within “Stonehenge Sacred Symbolism” 320 pages, 125,000 words. ISBN 9780957828254 ed 2010.
    View http://www.bookstore.bookpod.com.au
    Any queries can be directed to enjaytom@hotkey.net.au for a prompt reply. Kindly quote ‘StoGram’

  20. Hi Gordon great site!!!
    Just curious, after looking at the sun cairn with the reference to the moon and morning star, does this imply a heliocentric understanding or does the entire site as a whole speak to a geocentric point of view,or both??


  21. Wow,
    A search for medicine wheels in Alberta led me to your site and I still sit captivated and impressed by your findings, anxious to learn more.
    Then I wondered does the Inuksuit at the Foxe Penisula have similar characteristics to Stonehenge and Majorville?
    I’ll be getting your book, subscribing to news from this site.
    “Thank you” seems too trivial in appreciation for the impact you have had on me today.


  22. Hi Marie, Sorry for the very late reply! I’m not aware that Inuksuit are used to mark dates of particular Sun or Moon rises or sets. Gordon

  23. Hello Neil, I think that all new publications about Stonehenge calendars need to have photographs of Sun or Moon rises and sets on significant dates to support the suggestions. Speculation is too easy and unproductive.

  24. Hello Neil, I think that all new publications about Stonehenge calendars should have photographs of Sun or Moon rises and sets on significant dates to support the suggestions. Speculation is too easy and unproductive.

    Hello Brad, I don’t know how the Sun, Moon and Morningstar effigies on Sun Cairn Ring Hill, and the calendar, could select between heliocentric and geocentric models.

  25. Holy Smoke Wendy. I don’t know how to use this web thing. It was set up for me by Lyn Cadence, Calgary. Neither of us knew how ignorant I am about computers. So I found your message 10 months after you posted it.
    Grant mentioned you a couple of days ago. If we can get together we can have long conversations.

  26. Great book, nicely done. Attended a lecture at the Vancouver Planetarium in the 70’s on the similarities of stone circles worldwide, and have wondered about them ever since. Your readers may be interested in the research of plasma physicist Dr. Anthony Peratt, linked off my blog as “Plasma Scientists Find Ancient Petroglyphs Record Earth’s Turbulent Past”. In his research paper the suggestion is made that intense auroras in the distant past were visible worldwide and were recorded as stone circles as well as petroglyphs. Laboratory created circular filament plasmas are demonstrated to bear a striking resemblance to stone circles particularly in orientation as well as design and number. Unfortunately, not many paleo-archeologists seem to read the journal of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers!

  27. Dear Mrs. and Mr. Freeman
    I watched your very interesting videos and photos, and although I did not know of the existence of those markers in Alberta, the fact is not surprising to me, because our knowlegeable ancestors were scattered everywhere the world over. Their feats do surprise me, however. Thank you very much for spreading the information.
    I have just finished a similar investigation on a plateau in Portugal (my country) entitled “Temples of the Sun” which includes rocks several hundreds of meters apart from each other, which mark solsticial and equinoxial sunsets and risings, and would like to send you a copy of the paper, especially because there is a granite outcrop with a V-shaped opening where the Sun rises from at the Winter Solstice like one of your photos.
    Would you kindly tell me where to send the e-paper to?
    With my best regards,
    Albano Chaves

  28. Gordon and your lovely wife… thanks so much for the book .. I happened upon it a few years ago when I lived in Halifax .. at the public library in Bedford… what a treasure… I ended up taking it out and reading it twice… such a great gift you have given to all of us.. and now! to find your website.. terrific! One day I will have to see to a signed copy by the author.. cheers from New Brunswick [south]

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