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The discovery of a 5000-year-old Sun Temple and an ancient "time machine" - Stone Age calendar - in Canada led scientist Gordon Freeman to ground-breaking discoveries in Stonehenge. During fieldwork and research from 1986 to 2006, Freeman found striking similarities between the surface geometry of the two sites. These similarities push back the boundaries of written history and have far-reaching implications for North American and European history.

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  1. Well, Dr. Freeman, I may know of another one of these if you are interested – also in southern Alberta.

  2. I think all Dr. Freemans information sheds a wonderful light on . Native Americans. After reading an article not to long ago I realized there are still many people who still believe they were savages. I hope this helps people understand what was lost when our ancestors savaged this land.

  3. dear Lisa swinimer ,

    have you concidered the thought that maybe the native indians slaughtered thoes great minds that built the Clock. i have great doubt that the native indian ancestors built it.(thinkj about it if it is similar to stonehenge this would mean the native indians crossed the oceans)thier would have been stories past along if it were true.it seems very odd that all the greatest monumnets found on earth no one knows who buit it and why.

  4. Well. I have been to Majorville more than once, and can tell you that this is a very magical/spiritual place. There is no way to describe the feeling other than to be there.
    I have been to similar sacred places, and there is a certain feeling at these locations as well.
    Question Betty, are you making reference to Sundial Butte as it is known locally?
    Any reply is welcome, keep up the good work Dr. Freeman, I have had blueberry pie and ice cream with the locals that helped you so much, they spoke very kindly of you.

  5. Wayne, Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve passed along your note to Dr. Freeman. Any chance you can join us March 2, 7:30pm at Pages Books in Calgary for slideshow and refreshments with Dr. Freeman? The event is free.

  6. Lisa, I know you won’t hear it in the anti-European colleges of today, but please do some thinking for yourself. If that was built 5,000 years ago, how to you calculate that the Europeans that have only been here 300 years “savaged” the land. It seems pretty obvious that since those stones have been on the ground a lot longer (a LOT longer) than 300 years, it was probably natural causes that knocked them down, not Europeans. The natives, little green aliens, or whatever ancient beings created them were LONG GONE. So please try to think outside that “All Europeans are Bad” mental box.

  7. What an interesting find in our Canadian backyard. It is remarkable how similar “stone age time machine” structures are when compared to others around the world. The book Uriel’s Machine come to mind. I don’t really see what all the fuss is about considering the development of astronomy based calenders are found all over the globe. They say great minds often think alike.yes Brian M. even people who are native to the America’s can observe the sky and it is not far fetched to consider that they constructed the sun temple based on the rhythms of the sky. It may be hard for some to see past Native American stereotypes of slaughtering the people of “great minds”. It also may be hard to believe that people could have somehow shared such info with each other so many years ago.

  8. I have been to the Majorville Medicine Wheel. I was surprised that not more is being done to protect this site. Do you have any thoughts?

  9. The information in the book has to penetrate the minds of Alberta Govt Archaeologists. That will take a few more years. They’ve only had the information for 25 years so far.

  10. My father was born in the Sundial area in 1913. He and his brothers visited Sundial Butte a number of times during the early 1920s as it was only a few miles from their homestead. They were under strict orders from their father not to disturb anything that was related to the local natives.
    I finally got to visit Sundial butte in 2005 and it is an incredibly powerful and very spiritual place.

    My thanks to Gordon Freeman for writing his excellent book.

  11. Does this site correspond with the lay line s of the earth as i think it does and if so what are we doing to protect this site. I would like to know of any other sites around Alberta like this one?

  12. just reading the book. Awesome work. There are a few hills south of Cochrane Alberta that are of similar altitudes to each other and at roughly 51 degrees latitude. Makes me wonder if there could be something up in the hills there.

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